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our story

Victoria and Cazz met on a schoolyard in Sherman Oaks just a few blocks away from where they now live.  Okay...it wasn't per se a schoolyard, but they were both teaching at an after-school program in the same makeshift classroom, scraping by amidst the freelance craziness of Los Angeles.  Sadly, their paths only crossed for a few days before they went their separate ways.  With a little help from Facebook, they reconnected for a coffee; with a little help from coffee (and Cazz's charming wit, of course), they connected forever.

There's certainly some gritty romanticism there, right?

Time went on, and the two unsuspectingly found home in one another.  From Aroma brunches to winery jam sessions, city exploration to world travel, life seemed to have more in store for them than they knew.  Three years, a crazy cat and a diamond later, and here you are—

—on their wedding website.


And if you're reading this, you're an important part of their life puzzle.  They truly consider themselves the lucky ones for getting to share this celebration of love with you.